Holiday Timetable

From Monday the 29th July until Wednesday 14th August we will be running a reduced timetable. The classes listed below will be the only ones running.

From Thursday 15th August our normal timetable will resume. x

Monday 29th July

  • 10:15 am -Watford The Barn
  • 18:30 Radlett Vision Centre

Tuesday 30th July

  • 19:30 Watford -The Barn

Wednesday 31st July

  • 10:30 am Watford -The Barn
  • 19:00 Watford -The Barn

Thursday 1st August.

  • 18:45 Watford -The Barn

Saturday 3rd August.

  • 9:15 and 10:15 am Watford- The Barn

Monday 5th August.

  • 19:30 St Albans St Peters School

Tuesday 6th August

  • 19:30 Watford- The Barn

Wednesday 7th August

  • 19:00 Watford-The Barn

Thursday 8th August

  • 18:45 Watford – The Barn

Saturday 10th August

  • 9:15 and 10:15am Watford-The Barn

Monday 12th August

  • 10:30am Watford- The Barn
  • 18:30pm Watford -The Barn

Tuesday 13th August

  • 10:30am Watford- The Barn
  • 19:30am Watford – The Barn

Wednesday 14th August

  • 10:30 am Watford -The Barn
  • 19:00 Watford -The Barn

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