Pilates with Rings & Bands

Pilates with Bands

While on the surface resistance bands may appear lightweight and innocuous when compared to dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells, you shouldn’t underestimate their power. Used correctly, this figure-transforming bit of latex can help achieve most fitness goals, especially if this goal is to tone the arms and the upper body as a whole, as this workout clearly exemplifies.  

The beauty of resistance bands is that they have the ability to target a wide range of muscle groups and can be used by both beginners and pros. When you add resistance to any area, your muscles are put under tension during the eccentric and concentric exercise phases. So when your muscles are under constant tension throughout the entire range of motion of the exercise, it will lead to a fitter, leaner and more toned body. While resistance bands can help build muscle, they are also a mighty piece of kit for strength, stretching, mobility and rehabilitation purposes.  We love them and can demonstrate simple and effective moves that you can do at home as well as in class Ready to give the resistance band workout a go? Come along to TFC and wave goodbye to those bingo wings.

Pilates with Rings

Pilates rings can add a dynamic addition to Pilates workouts and to workouts in general. Pilates rings are small, tension-packed rings that you can grip with your hands or squeeze between your thighs to complete a range of different resistance exercises. At TFC we love them as Pilates rings tend to be small and lightweight, they’re an easy piece of fitness equipment to handle and to include in your fitness routine.The ring will support or challenge you within your exercises. It can also help your body understand how to better direct your energy to improve your elongation patterns and improve your organisation of alignment by giving your body feedback in the correct direction to maintain or to move towards, a fun and useful tool we guide you to use within you TFC Rings & Bands Pilates workout.

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